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Doug Ritter is an internationally acknowledged authority on survival equipment and practical survival techniques. His innovative product reviews, evaluations and articles have helped to revolutionize some aspects of survival equipment design and production and allow consumers to make fully informed purchase decisions about their own investment in survival, decisions with potentially life and death importance.

Doug is the founder, Publisher and Editor of Equipped To Survive®, a comprehensive independent source of information on survival equipment dedicated to saving lives though survival research and education.

Doug is also the founder and Chairman of Knife Rights, a grassroots advocacy organization Rewriting Knife Law in America™ and forging a Sharper Future for all Americans™

Doug Ritter Gear

After evaluating survival gear for two decades, Doug has developed some very strong opinions about what works and what doesn't; what will save your life and what might not. In some cases he has given up hope that someone else will deliver a product that includes all the features he would prefer. As a result, he has begun collaborations to produce gear to his own exacting specifications. One key feature has been that all this gear must be affordable and a good value a well as being gear you can bet your life on

Proceeds from the sale of Doug Ritter Gear supports Doug Ritter's Knife Rights' efforts to free knife owners from irrational knife restrictions.
Doug Ritter

Doug Ritter
RSK® Mk3-G2

RSK Mk3-G2
Doug Ritter
Mini-RSK® Mk1-G2

Mini-RSK Mk1-G2
Doug Ritter
RSK® Mk1-G2

RSK Mk1-G2

Doug Ritter
RSK® Mk5-G2

RSK Mk5-G2
   Doug Ritter Aviator Survival Pak

Doug Ritter Ultimate Aviator Surval Pak
   Doug Ritter Essentials Aviator Survival Vest

Doug Ritter Essentials Aviator Survival Vest

Doug Ritter Presents

Doug Ritter at OSH Airventure

"Your survival equipment seminar ROCKS!" Doug Ritter offers a series of unique and exceptionally informative talks on survival and survival gear. Invite Doug to speak at your group's event and give them an edge that could save their life some day.

Doug Ritter Survival Equipment Consulting

Planning an expedition, flight or sail around the world, or a similar adventure? Need assistance deciding what survival gear you need, or someone to assemble and custom package it? Whatever your survival equipment needs, Doug Ritter can help you prepare for the unexpected. Whether you're just interested in some advice on what life raft or other survival gear to purchase or need turnkey survival preparation services, Doug is the expert you want working for you. Click here for more information on Doug's consulting services.
Air Race Consulting Project
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