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Simon T Air Race Survival Preparations by Doug RitterPlanning an expedition, flight or sail around the world, or a similar adventure? Need assistance deciding what survival gear you need, or someone to assemble and custom package it? Whatever your survival equipment needs, Doug Ritter can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Whether you're just interested in some advice on what life raft or other survival gear to purchase or need turnkey survival preparation services, Doug is the expert you want working for you. Straight talk and no B.S., he will work within your budget to give you the best value or the best possible gear regardless of cost, depending upon your needs and finances. Doug doesn't make money selling you gear, his independence is your guarantee of the best solution for your requirements.

Custom Modular Personal Survival KitWhile it's nice to have plenty of time to prepare, all too often survival preparations are left until the last moment. That's not ideal, but it's okay; Doug can practically perform magic when time is short. However, it is much less expensive when things are not being done on a rush basis. Contact Doug early in your planning and he may be able to save you money on your survival preparations.

Custom Assembled Survival PaksOn the left is an example of a custom configured and asembled module from a modular personal survival kit. Examples of larger custom configured and assembled multi-person survival paks can be seen in the photos to the right. These represent a range of requirements, from two-person, to supplimental, to extreme arctic survival. Pictured below is a custom assembled two-person survival pak.

Doug understands how to work not only within financial budgets, but also with weight and volume budgets. Often the latter are more difficult constraints. Doug has experience paring ounces and inches from the essential gear you need. His innovative solutions have often made the difference between adequate preparations and little or none at all.

If you need survival training, Doug can make recommendations for the training most suited to your requirements. He is not affiliated with any one survival school or instructor, he is free to suggest the best possible match based on years of working with many of the leading instructors and schools.

For more information on Doug's consulting services, please email Doug Ritter or contact us at 480-219-7271.

With a standard configuration, these survival paks can be delivered quicker and at lower cost than custom assembled survival kits. I build Doug Ritter Aviator Survival Paks like my life depended upon it...because your life might. Modeled on my personal survival kit and kits I have custom built for consulting clients, you can bet your life and the lives of your loved ones on these Aviator Survival Paks.

Doug Ritter Ultimate Aviator Surval Pak

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First Published on: May 8, 2004
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